Oxford Dictionary Changes Pronunciation Of Gullible To ‘Tor-ee-vo-ter’

Yesterday it was announced that the Oxford Dictionary – the best know and official English dictionary – was changing the way the word ‘gullible’ meaning believe anything you are told – is to be pronounced.

The word will now be pronounced ‘tor-ee-vo-ter’ and will officially come into effect tomorrow 12th December 2019.

“We need to get the new pronunciation known globally however since the EU referendum in 2016 many non-British people have been using the new pronunciation and meaning to describe a large amount of our population.” Said Mr I. Believeit spokesman for the Oxford Dictionary.

“It refers to those who believe the kind of lies and guff which is coming from the conservative party especially Boris Johnson lately.”

“It seems that no matter how many lies you say, how bad the lies are and how untrue the promises are… there is still a large amount of British voters who one… believe them and two… will still vote for that shower of shit.”

“So with that in mind, the Oxford Dictionary decided that it was time to change the way we pronounce the word gullible to one which more suits that type of individual.”

“We were also considering changing the pronunciation or Conservative to ‘cunt’ but we know that the word isn’t exclusively tied to that political party.”

“People can be conservative in their approach to life, love and relationships. It’s not just a political allegiance so we decided against making conservatives cunts even though the political party itself is full of them.”

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