20 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Old Discarded Shipping Pallets. Every Garden Needs Numbers 6,11 & 15!

If you are looking for ways to make your house look more of a home by adding some cool looking furniture or create that stunning comfy cool garden to relax in then we have some great ideas here for you.

If you love making things and want a weekend project which results in very cheap but seriously cool looking furniture then scroll through these wonderful projects which have been made from, believe it or not, recycled used old shipping pallets.

garden set

This is really cool, some old pallets, painted up, fixed to each other then covered with large comfy cushions make a wonderful garden seating area.

click the button bellow to scroll through the rest… make sure not to miss numbers 6, 11 & 15 as I am sure you will want them in your garden!


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