It Looks Like A Normal House For Sale In Sweden, But Wait To You See Inside… Sci Fi Fans Will Love It!

photo 1

This house appears to be a normal, simple and elegant house from the outside. It has a nice roof and sidings to sustain massive storms and winds.

Even the use of a colour on the awnings over the windows standing out against the typical grey shades makes it look like an ordinary house in the area.

You can see clearly in the photograph, there are statues out in front which gives a kind of grandeur to the house.

Before you make any further assumptions, let me show you with some upcoming photographs what is inside this house, you will be stunned to know what really is inside this house. So do have a look!

Scroll down through the images and there is also a video of the inside of this unusual house at the end.

It is an exception no doubt, but it will cost you the whooping sum of 2,375,000 Krona or somewhere around $320,000. Isn’t it a bit costly?photo_2
But you become speechless, the moment you see this


Then this whooping price tag seems to make more sense.


Are you curious to know what’s there behind the door?


And it goes on…

photo 6

 Look properly at those details.


  May be there is something behind those closed doors.


See what we found at last, A Predator- themed house!


Yes you see right; these are disco balls in the ceiling of this room.


See those masks, seriously the one who planned the interiors of this room has gone to great efforts to make it amazing.


Here you can have tete-a-tete with your guests. The lighting in the basement is stunning!


Perfect ambience for relaxation. Here comfort and style helped in creating the apt look.

photo_15For an average person it might be too much, but it is perfect for a Predator fan.

Amazing Alien vs Predator house for sale

Maybe this house is more than just perfect but a dream come true for a Predator fan. Seeing the details of the predatorinterior one can easily assume how long it took to build this amazing house. Generally a Predator- themed house is unusual in itself, but yes it does exist in Sweden and up for sell.

Would you want to live in it?

Source: SlipTalk

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