President Trump Hires British Construction Firm Farage & Sons To Build Mexican Border Wall.

If You Show Me Yours I’ll Show You Mine. Farage Shows Trump His Tool… While Trump Shows Farage That He Is A Tool.
After the successful building of walls between the UK and it’s sensible neighbours during project Brexit, building contractors Farage & Sons have won a prestigious presidential contract with the US government to build the controversial wall on the US Mexican border. Nigel Farage said he was “delighted that his old chum Trump had trust in his ability to divide, partition and segregate countries and people.” It’s not been confirmed yet when Farage and Sons will start to build the dividing wall separating Mexico from the 3rd world nation known as the US. not my circus not my monkeys Objections have been raised from people citing that Nigel Farage does not actually have any proper construction qualifications but is just loving playing the part. Scott Junior Jr said “Nigel is just a con man, he will take the job, the status of doing an important job, he will take the money but I bet he won’t turn up to do the work.”

“Just look at that march he organised, he showed up for half an hour then disappeared to put his feet up, dunking bicckies into a brew.” “He loves the position of power, the kudos and the pension but that’s about it. The guy is full of hollow promises.” President Trump called the objections to his ‘chum’ being awarded the job as “slanderous fake news.” Trump repeated the words ‘fake news’ several times while being questioned during a presidential press conference. A spokesman for the Democratic party said, “Nigel hasn’t even laid a brick yet he and Trump have successful divided a nation and built a wall between people.”

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