Probably The Funniest 15 Things You Will See Today

15  of the best mishaps and accidents circling social media today, they shouldn’t have happened but they did, and it is captured forever!

We love Gif images, like a video on continuous loop repeating the funniest moments and often the most unfortunate moments of people’s daily lives.

We have 15 of the funniest accidents and mishaps.

To be honest some of these people are lucky they didn’t seriously injure themselves… then we would have laughed more!

Give them a couple of seconds to load fully then prepare to laugh your little cotton socks off…. or whatever they are made from.

1. The Water Slide… or is it a mud bath?

water slide

2. Dance Baby Dance, Do The Funky Momma Dance… more like clatter the baby with your arse dance

baby arse slap

3. Watch Me March… watch me smack head first into the floor!

stepping down

4. Feeling Deflated? You should come and work at this store then!

inflateable boat

5. Summer Time Madness… let me show you how it’s done… not like this!


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