I Want This! Fire That Dances To Music. Would Look Great In My Living Room :-)

What you are going to see in the video below is incredible, you will want one in your own home.

It can double up as a fire and a pretty damn cool piece of musical moving sculpture.

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Introducing The Updated Rubens Tube:  Pyro Board: 2D Rubens’ Tube!

First here is the science bit…

Heinrich RubensIn 1905 the German physicist Heinrich Rubens invented a tube that uses fire to make standing sound waves visible. This one invention made him a God among the nerd population.

The flames are all the same height when no sounds are fed into the tube but when sound is added the waveform actually affects the amount of gas that is fed through each of the holes which has a distinct effect to the height of the flame.

The anti-node is the name given to the point where maximum displacement on the wave affects the gas pressure. When the pressure is at its highest, the crest of the wave and the gas is pushed closer to the hole forcing more fuel out creating a higher flame.

When the wave is pushed down into the trough it cannot suck the gas back in so the flame continues to burn high as there is enough gas and oxygen until the wave crests at that point again.

The node is the part of the wave that crossed the midline and remains unchanged. This is the area of the Rubens tube that does not have pressure fluctuation and remains relatively low.

Volume does affect the flames, the above description applies when the volume is high. If the incoming sound is quiet then there isn’t enough power in the crest of the wave to overpower the opposing pressure of the trough and the anti-nodes actually appear smaller than the nodes.

The popular science video blog Veritasium’s Derek Muller travelled to Denmark to meet the guys behind an incredible and updated version of the Rubens tube. These guys travel around Dansih schools teaching science in fun ways and they have created an apparatus which is a flat platform with 2,500 holes in the top. Unlike the original Rubens tube these holes are not in a single line.

What we as nerds and music lovers want to know is what it looks like and does with the music cranked up! You can see for yourselves here in this great video, the results are pretty damn impressive.

I want one for when I play some seriously twisted and trippy Acid House or Trance Techno…. I would sit and watch it for hours!

Pyro Board: 2D Rubens’ Tube!

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