This Place Is Known As The ‘Rainbow Valley’ But Really It Is The Valley Of Death!

Over the years we have heard several stories of climbers conquering Mt Everest.

The road to this giant mountain is not easy. Most of the mountaineers have to bear harsh climatic conditions with many of them giving up against the brutal forces of nature.

Amidst this stands, the famous ‘Rainbow Valley’, this is situated on the Northeast Ridge route of the mountain.

You might be thinking of the kind of valley we often hear about in fairy tales, which will have colourful candies, lollipops and chocolate fountain etc.

Well this valley has a gruesome reality. It derived its name from the colorful coats of dead hikers. They are spread all over the hillsides and mummified due to the extreme climatic conditions.  So anyone trying to climb Everest will have second thoughts when they come across the frozen mummy of a hiker.

This clearly shows that the road to success is a hard one full of uncertainties and can be scary as well!

Are you ready to ‘see’ more about ‘Rainbow Valley’? Then scroll down for some truly thought provoking and shocking pictures.


This is really shocking! It is estimated that nearly 200 hikers have met their death in the valley.

Most of them have been turned in to ‘mummies’ due to the freezing temperatures.

This is a body of a real person frozen solid in their climbing attire.

One of them was climber George Mallory who attempted to conquer the great Mt Everest in 1924; however death conquered him in return!


There is no one exact reason for such a large death toll.

Detailed research has revealed this unusual fact: while some have died due to falling, most of them simply choose to give up when they were so close to safety.

This is really heart-wrenching. But destiny always has its own plans!


Look at this picture.  This cavedar is named as “Green Boots” Further analysis revealed that this is an Indian climber Tsewang Paljor who took his last retort to enter inside a cave to escape extreme climatic conditions.

Alas! He can’t escape death. We the team of Coolsandfools pray that the souls of these brave hearts rest in peace!


Despite knowing about the inherent dangers involved in such climbing, most of the climbers gave a written consent regarding the potential risks causing death.

The guides accompanying climbers however have no choice rather leaving them alone. Some of them even choose to pay hefty sum of $30,000 as a recovery fee.


So are you still wondering whether to attempt to climb Everest or not?

Then let me remind you that most of the climbers who died in the Rainbow Valley were professional climbers yet they still lost their lives in the harsh conditions.

So do give it a second thought once again, do you want to be among those frozen bodies lying in the valley of death?


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