What Would Our Favourite Cartoon Characters Look Like If They Were Real? Very Freaky & Scary!

We love a good cartoon here at Cools & Fools but imagine if your favourite cartoon characters were real, would they be as funny as their cartoon versions?

No far from it, these real life versions look very sinister and very scary.

You probably would not leave your kids alone in the same room as them, in fact you would not want to be in the room alone with them yourself.

Look at Popeye, Beavis & Butthead and Stan Smith and tell me that these guys look trustworthy!

After you have spent the time looking at these pictures it is advised that you go and watch some cartoons straight away to cleanse your mind and you eyes.

Stewie Griffin “Family Guy”

stewie griffin

Mario “Super Mario”

super mario

Beavis “Beavis & Butthead”


Butthead “Beavis & Butthead”


Buzz Lightyear “Toy Story”

buzz lightyear

Homer Simpson “The Simpsons”

homer simpson

Mr Burns “The Simpsons”

mr burns

Hans Moleman “The Simpsons”

Hans Moleman

Sideshow Bob “The Simpsons”

side show bob

Patrick Star “Sponge Bob”


Peter Griffin “Family Guy”

peter griffin

Popeye “Popeye”


Shaggy Rogers “Scooby Doo”


Stan Smith “American Dad”

stan smith

Professor Farnsworth “Futurama”

Professor Farnsworth

Leonardo Turtle “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Leanardo Turtle

Johnny Bravo “Johnny Bravo”

johnny bravo

Dale Gribble “King Of The Hill”


Fred Flintstone “The Flintstones”

fred flintstone

I left this one until the end as there is always one that will translate into something special and well, this one is a ‘phwoooar yes I would’ moment. Jessica Rabbit has always been a female cartoon character a lot of men liked and well, the real version is a lot better than the cartoon version. Don’t you think?

Jessica ‘Phwoooarrr’ Rabbit

jessica rabbit

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Original Source: TopDesignMag , ViralNova

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