Ever Wondered What Happens When You Drop A Red Hot Nickel Ball Into a Cup of Water? Well, It Sounds Amazing”

Have you ever wondered what happens when you drop a red hot nickel ball into a cup of water? Yes, so have we. Well, fortunately we have a video for you that shows you right here!

Lets discuss the term red hot for a minute. The term Red Hot is when something reaches between 500°C to 800°C – in short, very hot!

When something is this hot its actually a term called Incandescence. Here is the Wikipedia observation and use of the term.

“In practice, virtually all solid or liquid substances start to glow around 798 K (525 °C), with a very dull red color, when no chemical reactions take place that produce light as a result of an exothermic process. This limit is called the Draper point. The incandescence does not vanish below that temperature, but it is too weak in the visible spectrum to be perceivable.

At higher temperatures, the substance becomes brighter and its color changes from red towards white and finally blue.

Incandescence is exploited in incandescent light bulbs, in which a filament is heated to a temperature at which a fraction of the radiation falls in the visible spectrum. The majority of the radiation however, is emitted in the infrared part of the spectrum, rendering incandescent lights relatively inefficient as a light source. If the filament could be made hotter, efficiency would increase; however, there are currently no materials able to withstand such temperatures which would be appropriate for use in lamps.

More efficient light sources, such as fluorescent lamps and LEDs, do not function by incandescence.

Sunlight is the incandescence of the “white hot” surface of the sun.”

Anyway, that is enough of that. Here is the video – we think it sounds like a rocket launch! Amazing….

[youtube id=”9qSEfcIfYbw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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