Revealed: Politically ‘Clued-up’ Old People Are Just Gullible Old Fools New Research Shows

Research undertaken by top scientists at the University of Crincklybottom over the last 3 years have found that the older generation who like to think that they are clued-up and  right when it comes to politics and the state of the nation are in fact just gullible old fools.

Studies showed that politically motivated pensioners believed anything they were told and were getting their information from dubious sources like the Daily Mail, the Brexit Party and Boris Johnson.

The research showed that many of the older voters were carrying around second hand opinions which they believed to be true without fact checking after listening to people like Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Not one of the older voters questioned said that they ever fact checked, cross referenced or questioned the validity of claims put across by profit focused newspaper businesses owned by billionaires or self serving political clowns.

Professor Ida Laughifitwasntsoworrying said “It’s a little concerning how many of the older voters know little about what is really going on and rely on papers and other people for their opinions. To choose to listen to those who have been proven to lie regularly and have their own agendas is simply dangerous.”

“To Make matters worse, these people believe that they are seriously ‘clued-up’ and that they know what they are talking about yet they say nothing other than popular sound bites and slogans like ‘get Brexit done’, ‘we survived the war’ and ‘leave means leave’.”

“They offer nothing up that has any real substance, fact or relevance.”

Professor Ida Laughifitwasntsoworrying shared a true story as an example of how easy these ‘clued-up’ older voters believe what they are told then jump to the wrong conclusions.

“One elderly gentleman still working past his retirement age, known as Brexit Bob by other workers, recently lost the plot when seeing two work colleagues talking on the other side of the factory because he was told that one guy was trying to convince the other to vote Labour as a way to stop Brexit.”

“The fact no one could hear what was being said and that the guy who told him they were talking Brexit was winding him up because Bob ‘was easier to set off than a firework’ speaks volumes.”

“Bob who likes to think himself somewhat clued-up about Brexit and British politics was soon ranting to management about how it was wrong that Person A was trying to brainwash Person B to do tactical voting even though he himself had spent most of the last 3 years trying to convince other workers that Brexit was good, that they were wrong and that they should vote for either Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson.”

“‘Leave means leave’ was mentioned several times along with ‘the will of the people’ and ‘get Brexit done’. The fact that he was completely wrong about the two men who were actually discussing how great Twitter was for free monkey spanking material was lost on him.”

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