Look Closely, Is This A Normal Bike? No Not Quite. This Is Incredible!

This looks like a completely normal bike, right? Wrong. Prepare for total brilliance.

Today CoolsAndFools brings you something really cool. I want one of these, I enjoy biking but it is carrying them and storing them that is the problem.

I think I have it bad but people in cities that use the bike as their main transportation storing them at their place of work can be a real headache with space being  a highly sought after commodity.

When they get home it is very common for people to store their bikes in their bedrooms, hallways and even in their lounges.

When not used bikes can take up a lot of room and when they are in rooms or hallways they are hard to manoeuvre around and are often walked into causing pain and injury.

Storing problems for your bike is now a thing of the past thanks to Gianluca Sada from Sada Bikes. His new designed and adapted bike will solve that problem, as long as everyone buys one lol


At first glance it looks like a normal bike.


This is the new spokeless bike, a concept by Sada Bike.


It folds up to a similar size of an umbrella, which is ideal for those living in cities and small flats with no storage space.


The wheels and frame separate allowing you to fold up the whole frame.


If you have one of these bikes, storing it would be no longer a problem.

Another positive about this bike is that it can be stored inside and possibly under people’s desk creating more space outside and preventing bike thefts. Finding your bike stolen is awful after a hard day at work, if it is stored safely under your desk you will never have to fear or experience that.

See more of the Sada Bike spokeless concept bie in the video below.

I would happily buy one of these new spokeless bikes, we hope that Sada soon have them on mass production soon. Please share this incredible new bike with others by using the buttons below. 🙂

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