Guess What This Is And Where It Is? You Will Never Guess! This Is Amazing

Now this is incredible; this is Salina Turda, an old salt mine situated in the town of Turda in Romania.

Salt was extracted from this mine and produced table salt from the Middle Ages right up to 1932 when the mine was closed.

It was used as a bomb shelter during World War II and has also been used to store cheese.

In 1992 the mine was re-opened but this time as a tourist attraction.

A museum and a mini amusement park was built inside the mine.

It includes bowling lanes, an amphitheatre, mini golf, a ferris wheel, spa and a mini lake with boats.

salt mine theme park 1

It looks to be a scene from a very surreal Science Fiction film. It would make a good film set for sure.

salt mine theme park 2

One of the prominent features of this mine is the huge panoramic wheel which allows tourists to see the incredible stalagmites that have formed over the 1000 year history of the mine.

salt mine theme park 3

Tourists gathered at the bottom of the lift. It looks a long way down!

salt mine theme park 4

An incredible and vast underground chamber.

salt mine theme park 5

The old lifts which carried the salt now ferris people around.

salt mine theme park 6

That is one crazy high lift, looks like something on an alien planet!

salt mine theme park 7

Lights have been placed around in specific places to accentuate the unique textured surface of the mine.

salt mine theme park 8

Boats ready for people to take a punt on the underground lake.

salt mine theme park 9

Part of the spa where people can have salt treatment.

salt mine theme park 10

People gathering in the amphitheatre.

salt mine theme park 11

A photo looking down on the incredible view of the lake in the old salt mine.

salt mine theme park 12

Turda Saltmine, Romania

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