The Next Time You Gulp A Mouthful Of Sea Water You May Not Be So Fine With It

Everyone has done it, and no doubt you will do it again some time. You are on your holidays and you are on the beach and a big wave hits you right in the face and you accidentally take in what feels like a pint of seawater!

In most cases it is literally just a mouthful but I expect you were not aware of what tiny things were actually in that mouthful?

Now this post is not to try and scare people off going into the sea for a dip. If we wanted to do that we would suggest you watch the fight between the spider crabs and the giant stingray we posted – that will freak you out.

What this does show is literally how much life there is on our planet. It is crazy to think that in just a cup full of seawater there can be so much activity.

People say we are not alone in this universe, and that is hard not to believe – but it would seem that water is a vital part in the mechanics if we are to find life “as we know it” elsewhere.

These images below are what seawater looks like when magnified 25 times.


This plankton is the food of many fish and other species in the water but I bet you didn’t think you would be taking it in when you were larking about on your holidays?

In this small cup there are crab larva, fish eggs, marine worms, and more. It’s stunning to see this much life in a single cup of seawater..



Pretty freaky isn’t it? This is the work of David Liittschwager and was originally posted on WhereCoolThingsHappen

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