Look Closely, Blink & You Will Miss It! Have You Walked Past The Secret Hidden German Street Art?

We at Cools and Fools do not want to turn this website into a site all about street art but it is hard to not keep adding posts that are street art related when there are so many great new styles and artists about.

Like these people from Germany who go under the name of Zebrating, as the name suggests their art is based on stripes like a Zebra.

What do I mean? Well take a look at their work and you will see.

They create incredible pieces of art on bridges, gates and railings which you can see when standing in the right place.

Blink, look away or walk fast and you can easily walk past them and miss them.

We have 15 great images and a video to share with you, this really is cool and special. Enjoy.







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