Depressed Man Finds World Wide Success Painting Shitty Water Colour Pictures Of Random Facebook Profile Pictures

This is a great story and before I go into detail let me just explain the term Shitty Water Colour is the name coined by the artist who created these wonderful paintings.

Hector Janse van Rensburg is a young artist from the UK who has found internet and world-wide fame by creating wonderful water colour paintings of random people’s Facebook profile pictures.

He even did one of Mark Zuckenberg who ‘Liked’ the image as you will see on the next page.

After being rejected by his ‘first choice’ University he began to do the paintings to fight of disappointment and depression.

His first taste of internet fame came after doing paintings of fellow Redditors and greeted celebrities during their ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions by painting portraits of them.

The President of the USA Barrack Obama has commissioned one which was featured on Obama’s own website. Hector has done commissioned work for several big companies and networks around the world since he became famous.

These Facebook paintings are part of his ‘Sloth Period’ where he paints the persons profile picture as a sloth.

Enjoy, remember please share and also at the end of the images you will find links to his website and Facebook profiles etc.







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