Incredible! Snow Joking! Walking Man Creates Stunning Huge Pieces Of Snow Art

We at Cools And Fools love to share the strange and the incredible and this fits both of those categories.

This is the incredibly stunning snow art by English artist Simon Beck living in the French Alps.

Simon creates pieces of art in the snow that have at times been the size of 3 football fields.

Battling wind and weather Simon works for up to 10 hours listening to Beethoven as he works.

Often he can work through the night only to find that the next day his artwork has been blown away by the wind or covered by fresh snow.

The first two hours can be spent setting out the lines of the design; Simon is an engineer by trade and insists on spending the time getting the design layout perfectly precise.

He shares his designs with the world using Facebook and has over 267,000 fans, pop over and take a look at more of his impressive work here Simon Beck Snow Art  On Facebook

simon beck snow art 1

The walking can be perilous and dangerous and Simon will walk for miles in the fresh snow creating the designs.

simon beck snow art 2

Looking down from the mountains the artwork is simply stunning.

simon beck snow art 3

Walking in the cold, wind and snow is hard and at times very dangerous.

Simon Beck Snow Art

simon beck snow art 4

But it is worth it, when Simon is finished what is left are these incredible designs.

simon beck snow art 5

Another beautiful snow picture by Simon.

simon beck snow art 6

The dedication to do this is genius bordering on the insane, most people avoid a 5 minute walk in the snow to go to the shop to buy supplies but for Simon a walk in the snow can last up to 10 hours!

simon beck snow art 7

People on a ski lift are greeted by this incredible piece.

simon beck snow art 8

Pieces can last only a few hours as they are often covered by fresh snow or blown away by winds.

simon beck snow art 9

More impressive than the giant crop circles often seen around the world.

simon beck snow art 12

A giant snow flake carved on the mountain side covered in millions of little snow flakes.

simon beck snow art 10

The quality of the detail is just too damn incredible to believe at times.

simon beck snow art 11

Simon standing in front of one of his masterpieces.

simon beck sand art 11

Simon has recently turned his hand to creating interesting sand creations similar to those in this Cools And Fools post of Andres Amador and his work.

The above image is a giant sand carving of the original Space Invaders video game.

Remember to pop over to see more of Simon’s work over at his Facebook page Simon Beck Snow Art  On Facebook

If you love Simon’s incredible and stunning work please visit his Facebook page and share this post using the buttons below.

Original Source: Simon Beck

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