Mix Snooker With Football & What Do You Get? SnookBall Of Course!

We need this at our local bar! I would love to see folk play this after a couple of drinks!

This looks a mental and fun game to play and I sooooo want to play it.

This is the ingenious game called SnookBall which combines football and snooker… they say snooker but to me the balls look more like pool balls.

snookball fi

Unlike traditional pool where players use cues to knock the balls down into the pockets players of SnookBall use their feet as if they were playing football.

The game is played on a giant table which players can walk on, the rules are the same as normal pool but the main differences are that the balls are made from footballs and the players kick the balls.

The hybrid game was developed by two French entrepreneurs who are well known for their crazy strange ideas. Aurélien and Samuel created the game to be a two player sport even though four players can play on the table.

The white ball is slightly heavier than the rest to make the game more interesting and I believe the white ball in pool is traditionally slightly bigger than the rest.

snookball 1

There are two variations of the game. The first game, Game of 8, is exactly the same as 8 Ball Pool. The first person to break the pack with the striker ball gets to decide which balls he plays for either stripes or spots and then both players begin potting all of their balls until the first person pots the black 8th ball. Whoever pots the black is the winner unless the white ball follows into a pocket or leaves the table.

snookball 2

The second game is the Game of 9 and it requires players to aim for the number 9 ball, they have to go through a set amount of rounds and the winner is the one who wins the maximum number of rounds. This is a larger version of the popular billiards game.

stl snook

Players can mix up or make up their own rules (assuming both sides know and agree on them) The sport is pretty flexible apart from one rule which needs to be consistent and that is the main rule of SnookBall – when a player pockets one of his balls from doing a ‘fishy’ move where the white striker ball goes over an opponent’s ball, the player can claim a ball that was pocketed by his opponent. (Personally I am not sure how that works but I am sure it makes sense when you play it) 🙂

There is also an interesting rule for four player games called the 2 vs 2 rule which allows a player to pass the ball to his partner who can then kick the ball towards the desired pocket/target.


The manufacturers will rent out the equipment at 500 Euros per day which you are more than likely have to live in France for that or you can buy your own at a cost of around 6000 Euros which is roughly $7,500 US or £4800.

I don’t know about you but I really want to have a go at this, it is not too physical or energetic which makes it perfect for me. If you found this interesting then please share.

Original Source and Picture Source: OddityCentral

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