Women Creates Freakish But Great Soft Toys From Kids Drawings!

What we have here is another piece of genius and creativity. Your kids are full of imagination and can conjure up all kinds of wonderful and weird drawings. Often these characters are a bit like Frankenstein’s monster – a sort of mashup of various oddities.

You may remember the post we did about the guy who redraws kids drawings into works of art . Well Wendy Tsao takes it one step further and actually makes the drawings of what the children illustrate into soft toys.

She first got inspired with the toy she made based on a drawing by her 4-year old son Dani. The story goes, the school her young son was in advised the parents to let the children take a toy in with them as a safety net if they threw a tantrum or got upset. But her son had a habit of losing things so she did not want him to take his favourite toy into school so she sat down with him and told him she would make him a new one.

The idea was that he would draw something and she would make it. He always loved drawing a toy snowman so that is what she made.

5 Years later she runs her own business, the Child’s Own Studio where she creates the works of people’s children transforming their art into soft toys.

We think this is amazing, and Wendy is obviously doing alright as her waiting list and order book is full!

Check out some of the creations below.










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