A Delicious and Cost-Effective Cooking is just a ‘Box’ Away! Introducing The Solar Oven.

It is that time of the year, when the festivity is in the air. New Year is going to knock your door soon and no celebration is complete without that ‘sumptuous meal’. So are you the one who loves to experiment with food? A perfect host and cook for those outdoor brunch and famous among your friends for your ‘barbeque’ skills? Then we have something to tell you. Now you can easily do it, simply by making your own ‘solar oven’.

This sounds amazing right? Trust us this is easy and it ensures a complete fire-free cooking.

Apart from safety, it is equally cost-effective device made with easily accessible materials. As far as weather is concerned, you can easily cook delicious food in warm and sunny weather.

To know more about this amazing device, go through the tutorials by Iris also known as Teyla in the Instructables group who will share her hands-on experience about this DIY device.

Here we present the ‘small wonder’ which helped Iris and her family to cook lip smacking foods like pasta, muffins and every other delicacies you always wanted to relish.


And yes their dream came true with this oven which made ‘outdoor cooking’ really enriching and joyful.

In order to be the proud owner of the oven, you first have to choose a perfect insulating surface (preferably a box) to create the interior of the oven.


This insulating box will look something like this and most importantly do keep in mind the sides that should not be too much elevated that will create hindrance for sunray’s to reach the surface of the oven.

In this photograph as we can see, Teyla has used Styrofoam as a material for insulation.

Look at this picture. The owner used wooden box as an exterior part of the oven to make it more durable and resistant to outdoor climate.

Because we believe nothing should come between you and that feel of ‘relishing the food you always craved’ for.


As we know that sunlight is the ultimate source of energy used in solar oven, so the glass plate placed on top of the Styrofoam, which ensures better transparency. However, you can also use any other transparent material.


Then comes setting the panels in oven


And creating flaps on the outer wooden structure that helps in controlling preparation time which depends upon kind of food you are cooking.


Next step involves the placement of reflective substance for absorption of solar energy. You can use aluminum foils for this purpose.



In addition, don’t forget to use black pots and a pan, as we know black is the best insulator for absorption of heat.


So are you ready to cook some yummy bacon?


With device like this, you can always experiment with variety of cuisines. This oven is not only easy to carry but also eco-friendly.  Preparation time may vary as per the outside climate and the kind of material you are cooking.

We at the CoolsandFools can assure you that this oven is actually a hassle-free and all it needs is the energy from the sun. This also ensures an interactive feel of cooking where you can cook along with your family members in a refreshing ambience of nature.

So what’s better way to celebrate this New Year with loved ones?

Let’s spice up the year ahead!

Happy New Year!

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