Take One Office, Several Boring Walls, 8,024 Post It Notes, One Artist & What DO You Get? This Incredible Super Hero Art.

We in the Cools & Fools office just love this story…

An employee at a creative agency got bored looking at his drab office walls and thought up an incredible but unusual way of decorating them… he created a design featuring pixelated superheroes using post-it-notes.

The employee, Ben Brucker,  posted his plan on Reddit, he worked out how long it would take and how many post-it-notes he would need. His design would use 8,024 post-it-notes and Ben managed to get full support and backing by his boss who coughed up $300 to buy the materials.

The boss also helped Ben fix the post-it-notes to the wall and below you can see pictures taken from his post on Reddit of this incredibly cool office décor project.

“One day I just got so tired of how sterile and boring our office felt, I thought I should do something about it”- 

And no wonder… this was what it looked like at the beginning.


So Ben Brucker came up with this innovative idea to create superhero murals using 8,024 post-it-notes. It is simply ‘mind-blowing’!


“Superheroes were the answer. I started working out the pixel grid and designing some characters”

So cool isn’t it?


“This is a creative agency. This is the kind of thing we are supposed to have on our walls, and the kind of thing that we enjoy”

I think this is the best way to transform your décor. Kudos to his efforts!


“Some wonderful people in my office volunteered to come in over the weekend to install the mural”

Collective effort paid off by creating these stunning and flawless murals. What do you think?


In words of Brucker, to put up this art it took one day from 10 AM to 5:30 PM.

And the final outcome is indeed awe-inspiring!


“Help was welcomed from people of all shapes and sizes :)”

So this is the real secret of its perfection. Scroll down to see more






I bet you are ready to go and do something like this to your office walls now aren’t you? Do you think your boss would mind or even help out?

Source- borepanda.com

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