These Girls Did What On TV Now? We Got To HAND It To Them, They Did A Great JOB! ;-)

If you thought you had seen it all as far as crazy television shows then this might make you think again.

This strange show from Taiwan is putting a lot of those crazy Japanese shows to shame, as you will see when you watch the video.

taiwan choke the chicken comp

This will probably make you blush and your jaw hit the floor.

taiwan choke the chicken comp 5

The two girls that you see in the pictures ‘choking the chicken’… actually do ‘choke the chicken’ of two contestants on what is probably the bizarrest competition ever to be televised.

taiwan choke the chicken comp 2

Both men are ‘pulled off(ha ha pun intended) the city streets and asked if they would like to participate in the strange contest.

taiwan choke the chicken comp 6

The two girls then ‘masturbate’ the men live on TV until one of them ahemm *cough* ‘cums’ and is declared the winner.

taiwan choke the chicken comp 4

I kid you not… this is real. Watch the video and be, well amazed at what is actually televised in other countries.

Would you like to see this on TV in your country?

Would you take part in such a competition?

Don’t forget you would be in a studio surrounded by TV and film crew as well as being watched live by family and friends as well as thousands of other viewers… it is not going to be the most sensual, erotic or sexy of experiences.

I am not sure I would be a winner, but in this case that is probably not a bad thing… is it ladies? 😉

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