Would You Want To Live Here? Tiny Homes And Offices For The Homeless!

How do you like the sound of living in a billboard?

Yes that is right I did say living in a billboard.

Slovakian design team DesignDevelop have come up with an incredible solution to creating tiny homes for the homeless.

This is still in the development stage but these are viable little properties which can be built almost anywhere.

The project called “The Gregory Project” brings dual usage to the construction of the billboard.

billboard homes for the homeless

A billboard apartment will require a minimal maintenance cost and that could be paid for partially out of the money generated from the renting of the advertising space.

billboard homes for the homeless 1

Situated down the sides of roads and within big towns and cities these billboards would make ideal shelters for those without a permanent place of residence.

billboard homes for the homeless 2

billboard homes for the homeless 3

Each mini apartment has two rooms and is built around a triangular shape and features a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed that has storage underneath it and even has office space.

billboard homes for the homeless 5

Not quite sure how many homeless folk would need office space but it makes you wonder if they are thinking of them as potential rental accommodation for the more fortunate people but who struggle to afford houses or apartments in today’s more expensive markets.

billboard homes for the homeless 6

These are digital visualizations of what the apartments would look like, they are design specifically for Slovakia which has energy grids that would make the building of these homes easy to implement.

billboard homes for the homeless 7

With some minor alterations these can be built almost anywhere in the world.

billboard homes for the homeless 4

We at Cools and Fools love innovation and new ideas especially if they  help people or the world in a positive way and this idea is just brilliant. We need more of these types of ideas and we hope to see these on the streets very soon.

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Original Source: Project Gregory


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