There Is A Bus Driving Between 2 Cities In The UK And You Won’t Believe What Fuels It!

This is a cool story if we have ever heard one… it certainly is more cool than crap… kinda.

There is a bus that travels between the cities Bristol and Bath in the UK and it is fuelled by ‘poo’ and food waste collected from 32,000 households.

the poo powered bus 1

We kid you not, it is fuelled by the biomethane gases that are given off by human waste and is the first ‘poo powered’ bus in the UK.

The ‘bio Bus’ as it is really called will do a 15 mile round journey 4 days a week and is the first of hopefully many more ‘poo powered’ buses to be developed.

The emissions are cleaner than those given off by a traditional diesel fuelled bus.

Watch the video below and be amazed at the ‘poo powered’ bus… we love it so much we cannot stop saying it…. the ‘poo powered’ bus! 🙂

That is a cool idea, we need to be making more of these, while the population grows human waste is never going to be in short supply and it needs to go somewhere and if we can harness it as a fuel for local transport then that is an incredible idea don’t you think?

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Source: The Guardian YouTube: RegenSW

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