This 5 Year Old Kid Is Stronger Than You. This Video Proves It.

Next time you have a big session at the gym, or hit that bag for a solid hour, come back and watch this video of this 5 year old kid doing 90 degree pushups!

This is INSANE.

I will tell you now, I could not even do ONE – in fact most people can’t. The upper body strength required to do this is phenomenal.

Oh yeah, and did we say he is only FIVE YEARS OLD?!!

The little dude’s name is Claudio Stroe, and you can see here in the video how effortlessly he does about 20 of these push-ups.

One thing for sure, I bet he has his Shredded Wheat in the morning before school.

I also bet that this little chap does not get any crap in the playground or I expect he could open a can of whoop ass on anyone who tries it on.

Anyway, here he is doing about 20 of these things that the average MAN would struggle to do ONE of.

Show off….

Pass it on….

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