You Won’t Believe How Cool & Spacious This Tiny House Really Is Until You Look Inside! Truly Amazing!

This is really cool, yes believe it or not, this is a small house with a lot of space.

Today we see a lot of great innovative housing ideas and designs coming out across the world.

These days with land and building costs being expensive the idea to build small is more a necessity than just a choice.

This has led to what is known as the ‘Tiny House Movement’, people are designing and building tiny homes and houses which not only save money but can, if designed well, be surprisingly very spacious with a lot of fun character.

Take a look at this rather cool and unique ‘tiny house’ in Japan.


This wonderful house is the creation of Architect Kota Mizushi of Mizushi Architect Atelier in Horinouchi West Tokyo overlooking a river.


Yes… he built this house on a triangular plot using only 594 square metres.


In every possible way this house appears too small for a family to live in.


On the outside it looks small, but come and take a look inside…


Are you as surprised as me to see that it’s actually very spacious inside.


This amazing house is designed to accommodate a family of three with extra loft space.

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