Trump Left Speechless After Being Challenged To Not Use The Word ‘Good’ During Press Conferences.

Donald Trump was left speechless when he accepted the challenge to not use the word ‘good’ during any press conferences or interviews. The challenge laid down by Professor of Linguistics Dr. Noah Morebullshit

“It is so frustrating when you hear Trump giving press conferences, he says very little of substance,” said Dr. Morebullshit. “But what you do hear by the bucketload, is the word ‘good’. ‘He is a good man’… ‘we did good’… I am very good at…’… ‘we had a good talk’… he is doing a good job’ and on and on and on.”

“It’s not only soooo boring, but it actually says nothing. He is not telling us anything other than repeating the damn word in sound bites.”

“So I decided to set him a challenge him, which he accepted, and the challenge was that he could no longer use the word ‘good’ in any interview or press conference for the next week.” 

“I am happy that he accepted the challenge, it’s such a shame he now has nothing to say.”

President Trump was seen sitting in the corner sucking his thumb at last night’s White House press conference where a spokesperson for the President was giving a speech. The President said nothing and was unable to give a comment on the challenge set by Professor Noah Morebullshit. 

We can only presume that the President wanted to say ‘It was a good challenge, set by a good man, Professor Noah Morebullshit is a good man, a good good man. And I accepted the good challenge, and I did good. I did a good job. I did good at the challenge. I did good.’

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