Two INSANE Guys Climb The 2nd Tallest Building In The World! Don’t Look Down!

These two guys sneaked into the Shanghai Tower, then climbed it. Now we don’t know if this falls (no pun intended) into the cool or fool category. One thing we do know, we are glad they hooked up a couple of cameras and took them with them to the top. The views here are simply stunning.

During this video and these pictures you will see them climb to the top, which is not even finished yet. It is approximately 650 meters tall! These beams and ladders look so edgy, they must be mad!

Still, thanks to them we have this post. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS, or anywhere else for that matter.

[youtube id=”gLDYtH1RH-U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Crazy Rooftopper






Ok, so the views are amazing. But I do not like heights so they made me a little queezy! Check out our Facebook page here for more stuff like this…..

Original source: Their Website Here

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