A UFO Attack? Beer Bombs? & Inflatable Tanks? Five Of The Strangest Stories Of World War 2

This is a very interesting video showcasing 5 of the strangest stories from the second world war.

Did you know a British soldier was the last soldier to kill an enemy soldier in action using a longbow and arrow?

Did you know that UFO experts now believe that the real ‘Battle For LA’ in 1942 had the US defences who believed they were under attack from Japanese war planes actually fired at a UFO?

And why were British Spitfires carrying barrels of beer?

All will be revealed in this very cool video of strange stories from World War 2.

Ok so do you believe that LA was visited by UFOs on that night in 1942? At least they did not open fire with ray guns as depicted in this excellent Tee shirt below.

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