The 10 Best Known UFO Sightings & Stories To-date.

Today we have the 10 best known and talked about UFO sightings and stories to-date.

To those who do not believe they are real and just a figment of the imagination of drunken fools then you will be interested to know that in this list are sightings and encounters by large groups of people simultaneously, professionals like teachers & military pilots and, believe it or not, United States Presidents.

If you know of any incidents, encounters and sightings that should be in the top ten then please tell us in the comments section at then end of the post.

We have included a couple of videos including a full documentary that you will enjoy watching.

1 The Roswell Incident, 1947

The US government say it was debris from a crashed surveillance balloon but witnesses and conspiracy theorists believe a UFO crashed at Roswell in 1947 and the US government took control of an alien space craft along with its passengers.

The Roswell Incident

2 The Belgian Wave, 1989-90

Over 1300 people in Belgium claimed to have witness large black triangle UFOs flying low and silent over the country over a 5 month period. Over 2500 filled written statements, but sceptics claim they were either helicopters or some strange kind of mass delusion caused by eating chips with mayonnaise.

The Belgian UFO wave from 29 November 1989 to April 1990.

3 The Kenneth Arnold Case, 1947

The term ‘flying saucer’ which is now synonymous with the world of UFOs and aliens was first used by the press reporting the encounter by air force test pilot Kenneth Arnold from Idaho who while test flying a plane observed nine shiny UFOs flying at supersonic speeds he described as being ‘saucer shaped’

Kenneth Arnold

4 The Westall Encounter, 1966

More than 200 teachers and students at two Melbourne schools witnesses a UFO descend into a field before flying off over a local housing area. Unfortunately there are no photographs but this story is legendary due to the large amount of witnesses including many professionals. Many of them still meet up for reunions to discuss what they saw that day…. Why? I think they should all know by now!

5 Bracknell Pub Pair, 2013

In June 2013 two glowing discs were seen and photographed hovering near Bracknell, Berkshire UK above, of all places, a pub. A drinker sitting in the beer garden spotted it and we hope he did what all drunken folk do in Hollywood films when they see a UFO and that is too rub their eyes, look at the beer bottle, shake their head in disbelief and take another sip.

UFOs – flying discs – spotted in the sky over in Bracknell in 2013.


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