Unbelievable! Is This The Best Pizza Delivery Ever? & Ordering Pizza Just Got Better Too!

I just luuuurrrrve pizza, to me it is the food of the gods. I am sure people of Atlantis ate it every day. It is superb. You cannot beat ordering pizza in a restaurant or when you are having it at home you cannot beat having it delivered.

Well today things have got a whole lot better, Pizza Hut have teamed up with some software boffins at Chaotic Moon Studios and developed a touch screen table that allows you to create your perfect pizza and order it.

You start with the size of base you want then you move onto the type of base like deep pan, thin and crispy or stuffed crust. You then move onto the main ingredients like tomato sauce and cheese. You can choose how much cheese you want.


When that is sorted you can decide what toppings you want such as peppers, olives mushrooms and pepperoni etc. When you have finished creating your order you can choose how to pay and your pizza order will be sent to the kitchen manager where it will be cooked.

As you are waiting for your order you can play games on the table which would be great for keeping the little ones amused and many adults too. Watch the video below to see the table in action.

Pizza Hut + Chaotic Moon Studios Interactive Concept Table

The super pizza fun doesn’t stop there, I could soon be able to live on an isolated island in a lake or on top of a large building and have a pizza delivered right to my feet faster than the conventional pizza delivery by a person on a bike, on a moped or in a van. How freaking cool is that?

Domino’s in the UK were experimenting whether they could deliver pizza by mini remote control helicopters called drones. Domino’s called their special pizza delivery drone the Domino’s DomiCopter.

The DomiCopter can deliver two pizzas and Domino’s say it can deliver anywhere in a 4 mile radius in 10 minutes.

We have two videos here for you to enjoy. First we have a news report from the states about it with some fun interviews of people on the street and below that we have the full experimental video Domino’s did which is just incredible. I want this to happen!

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR on Fox 5: The Domicopter (Dominos Pizza Drone Delivery Service)

The Future Of Pizza Delivery. Domino’s Introduces Their DomiCopter

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