18 Amazing Images Under The Microscope. You Will Not Believe The First One!

This post shows 18 images from under the microscope. I remember as a kid being fascinated with my microscope and putting all sorts of things from the garden under there to see what I could see.

These images however are from a far more powerful scope. The images here are phenomenal and are taken from the book ‘Microcosmos’, created by Brandon Brill . This book includes many scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of insects, human body parts and household items.

We are often spooked and told by the media of what little micro organisms are living and thriving all around us. Sometimes we would probably not want to know – luckily these are not all images of what little creatures are crawling around your body or in your bed.  A lot of these images are just bog standard everyday items, but they look like some sort of futuristic alien landscape when put under the microscope!

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1. A woodland ant holding a microchip

Woodland Ant holding a microchip

2. Unidentified butterfly eggs on a plant

Unidentified butterfly eggs on a plant

3. The weave of a nylon stocking

The weave of a nylon stocking

4. The head of a mosquito

The head of a mosquito

5. The 8 eyes of a tarantula

The eyes of a tarantula

6. The end of the tongue of a Hawkmoth

The end of a tongoe from a hawkmoth

7. The surface of a strawberry

Surface of a strawberry

8. Razor blade cutting hair

Razors cutting hair

9. Mushroom spores

Mushroom spores

10. Human sperm

Human sperm

11. Human head lice on a strand of hair

Human head lice on hair

12. Household dust

Houshold dust

13. Eyelash hairs growing from skin

Eyelash hairs growing from skin

14. Cigarette paper

Cigaterre Paper

15. Cauliflower


16. Bacteria on the human tongue

Bacteria on a human tongue

17. The end of a rusty nail

A rusty nail

18. A close up shot of Velcro

A close up shot of Velcro

So there we go, amazing shots. Please share.

Original source: Greenbuzzz.com

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