How Volkswagen Scared The Shit Out Of A Cinema Audience In Hong Kong: Warning: Shocking Video!

volkswagen eyes on the road video image 2

Ok now this is incredibly powerful. It is the full length advert by Volkswagen where they set up a special live audience participation stunt in a Hong Kong cinema.

Volkswagen wanted to get across the dangers of reading a text message on your phone while driving, it is safe to say that they were very successful.

This is Volkswagen Eyes On The Road road safety campaign video

The video is incredibly powerful and really makes you think, the timing and execution of the stunt is perfect. The people in the audience must have been left feeling sick to their stomachs and a little freaked out by what they had just experienced.

Watch the video and let it all sink in and please share to get the message out there.

Volkswagen ● Eyes on the road

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