This Giant Coconut Shaped Thingamajig Pulls Clean Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

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This crazy looking coconut shaped thingamajig is a large 9 metre high bamboo tower which creates up to 25 gallons of drinking water per day out of thin air.

Introducing  The Warka Water.

It is an atmospheric water collector which pulls water out of the air via condensation


“…The 9 m tall bamboo framework has a special fabric hanging inside capable to collect potable water from the air by condensation…”

warka water 2

“…The name ‘WarkaWater’ comes from the Warka Tree, a giant wild fig tree native to Ethiopia, traditionally used for public gatherings and school education. The Warka Tree is an archetype of the Biennale theme ‘Common Ground’…”

warka water 3

These giant bamboo water collectors are ideal fro remote villages and people living in dry desert areas where water is sparse. They can be the difference between life and death.

warka water 4

The design is based on a tree and as water is life this really is a tree of life.

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What is incredible is that this is far cheaper to construct than many of the other commercial atmospheric water generators which cost thousands to build.

warka water 6

They are a simple non complicated construction using cheap and easy to replace materials.

warka water 7

And at the heart of the Warka Water device is a bowl of that all important life giving clean water.

warka water 8

Warka Water

Warka Water is raising funds to build these water devices and share them with the people who need them in places where they are desperately needed. you can help them by going over to their Kickstarter campaign and donating to this wonderful cause here Warka Water Kickstarter.

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