What Big Secret Are These Mystery Vents Hiding? You Gotta See It To Believe It.

Have you seen the film Blast From The Past  starring Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone? If not then do so it is fun and probably based on this house below.

The vents in this picture give a clue to a very strange mystery.

What are they for and where do they lead?


During the Cold War in 1970s, a wealthy business man named Girard Henderson wanted to build a secret house to protect himself and his family from the potential nuclear war that was close to starting between the USA and Russia.

He built this house in an area covering 15,200 sq. ft in Las Vegas. Nothing looks unusual about the house itself but for years this house hid a mystery.

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This is the first house built by him.


Now take a closer look at this second house. The colour of the sky looks a bit different isn’t it?


You probably want to explore further right? Let’s find out how to get in


Wow secret elevator! That’s an innovative idea I must say


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