What Happens Next? Go On Guess… 10 Unexpected But Funny Endings!

10 very funny gif images capturing some funny and unexpected events.

After yesterdays popular funny gif post we decided to do another one.

We searched social media for some of the funniest gifs around and here are our favourite 10.

So sit back, make a brew and guess what happens.


1. Wait Stop the Bus!

bus prank

2. What Happens To The Crane?

crane issues

3. Hmmmm I Know What Will Happen Here.

donkey and donkey

4. At The Gym With My Friend… ex friend.

exercise prank

5. Is That A Sheet Of Glass?

He tried to warn the man....

6. WTF… no strange ending to guess here… this is just so odd and random!


7. Wow Ping Pong Bowling

ping pong bowling

8. Go On Guess What Happens To This Guy

stairs fall

9. Is That A Good Place To Stand?

woman trapped in door

10. The Good Mother Award Goes To…? Not this one…

Mommy of the year award goes to....

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