OMG These Are SOOO Cute, Look At These Stunning White Bengal Tiger Cubs

A zoo in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires is proudly showing off its newest brood of white tigers. There are 3 new borns in the pride of Bengal tigers all have piercing blue eyes and a lust for life.

The male is nearly pure white with the two female cubs are a tawny white with prominent black stripes.

Guillermo Weimeyer the zoo veterinarian says that the cubs were born three months ago. The labour lasted over four hours and they will keep breastfeeding until they reach five months. They are now eating around a kilogram of meat each day.

Local children are involved in naming the cubs as part of a competition, this is the second set of cubs to proud parents Cleo (mother) and Rhiano (father).

The other cubs have been re homed at other zoos around the world and these cubs are likely to have the same future.

white tiger argentina 1

Three month old Bengal tiger cubs at play in the enclosure at the Buenos Aires Zoo

white tiger argentina 2

A close up of one of the stunning female cubs.

white tiger argentina 3

All three Bengal tiger cubs at play.

white tiger argentina 4

Cleo the mother looks out of the glass wall of her enclosure.

white tiger argentina 5

Two of the cubs playing while their mother keeps a close eye on them.

white tiger argentina 6

Another close up of one of the stunningly cute female cubs.

white tiger argentina 7

Zoo vet Guillermo Guarniere inside the enclosure with a playful cub having a good sniff around.

white tiger argentina 8

Another picture of Cleo the mother with her nose pressed up against the enclosure glass wall.

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All Pictures: AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

Original Source: Yahoo News

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