Why This Former Aircraft Hanger Is Now A Tropical Paradise. What Is Inside Will Blow You Away!

Looking at the first picture below, you would not think that this place could be much of a tropical paradise at all. In fact, if you were looking for the feeling of the tropics you would probably avoid this place! Look again…

This is the former aircraft hanger in Krausnick, south of Berlin. But, what has now been done inside is quite amazing. It now boosts the worlds largest indoor beach, 50,000 plant forest and even room to fly a hot air balloon!

It can currently take up to 6,000 visitors per day, and being in Germany its bound to have its own little “Towel On The Sunbed” rift every now and again.

Either way, you cannot argue that what they have done here is totally amazing. Even though you are miles away from the ocean!

Tropical german paradise

Doesn’t look very tropical form the outside?

outside tropical German hanger resort

Indoor Tropical Island

The largest indoor beach complex in the world. Pretty amazing hey?

German Aircraft Hanger Tropical Resort

Huge beach with over 400 sun loungers, and not a cloud in sight!

Massive swimming pool "Under The Dome"

Huge tropical German Hanger Resort

Flumes inside German Hanger resort

Amazing tropical island inside hanger

Indoor Tropical Island

Some places to chill, get refreshments and relax….

Indoor Tropical Island

One of the many pool side bars…

Indoor Tropical Island

Indoor Tropical Island

Indoor Tropical Island

Indoor Tropical Island

Even places to camp out for the night…

Places to chill inside the German Tropical Hanger

Indoor Tropical Island

Indoor Tropical Island

So there we are, the amazing German Aircraft Hanger turned Tropical Paradise! We love it. Please share if you liked this post.

Original Source: The Daily Mail

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