Wow! Look Just Once And You Will Miss It. IS This Woman A Time Traveller?

I wanted to share today these incredible photographs by London based Japanese professional photographer Chino Otsuka. You will see a young girl and a woman in each of these photos from her “Imagine Finding Me” project, you could be mislead into thinking it was two sisters enjoying themselves on holiday around the world.

But look a little closer, you will see that both girls look very similar (sisters often do) but one of them seems to age and grow older where the other looks relatively the same age. How can that be? Well the truth is this, both girls are the same person. They are both Chino Otsuka, so how were these done? Has Chino travelled back in time and joined her younger self in some family holiday photos?

Just take a look at how fantastic these pictures are, they are stunningly beautiful.


Chino Otsuka: 1982 & 2005 (France)

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