Write For Us

Do you have any interesting stories to share?write for us small

Do you have a good eye for interesting stories?

Do you love to share interesting and fun stuff on social media?

Would you like to write interesting articles and see them published on a popular curation website?

Would you like to become a cool member of CoolsAndFools?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions then why not come and join us and become a CoolsAndFools content curator?

Come & Join Us.

We are looking for people to create and share great content here on CoolsAndFools.com.

The stories can cover any topic as long as it is interesting. Just look through our posts (Archives) to see what varied topics we have shared in the past. We accept most things; but we will not accept anything that is

  • Racist
  • Pornographic (feel free to send those to us by email though 😉 )
  • Insulting or offensive to individuals or groups of people

Interesting articles, videos, picture collections and stories can be sourced from other websites but they MUST NOT be a straight copy and all articles must have an original source link or links added to them at the bottom.

source links

Any pictures curated must have a photo credit link if from different websites to the original article.

All written text must be re written in your own words and if possible extra information added. We will not accept articles that are just copied from other sites. We curate and share interesting stories, we are not about STEALING.

If possible always add a relevant video to articles found on YouTube.

All post titles need to be captivating, engaging and attract curiosity to get maximum clicks. If you are not hot on writing captivating titles do not worry we can do that. Please scroll down to read the section marked **

Please watch the video below explaining how to curate interesting articles for CoolsAndFools.

[youtube id=”CAdzwxvg3CQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

You will be given an author access to the dashboard of our website where you can add new posts.

You will save your posts as drafts and submit  them for review where a CoolsAndFools administrator will check them to see if they are right for publishing. If accepted they will be scheduled for publishing at a time we choose.

**We remain the right to reject posts, re write posts, edit posts and re title posts.

To become a contributor and create articles and posts simply send us an email to contact@coolsandfools.com with the words ‘I want to be a contributor’ in the subject line then please tell us all about yourself so we get to know a little about you.

We will contact you with your user account details if we believe you are a genuine person and welcome you to the family. 🙂

We reserve the right to not accept people if we believe them to not be genuine.

Please note: this is a voluntary position and you are doing this for the love of sharing interesting great content just as we do. We do not accept one off guest postings for links only.

Thank you.


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