You Have To Watch This! This Has Me In Stitches Every time! Elderly Man Cannot Stop Laughing & His Wife Hates It!

I love this story and I love this man, I first saw this on the TV show Russel Howard’s Good News on BBC3. You need to watch the video interview at the end. 🙂

In 2010 Dutch man Huug Bosse went under anaesthesia for a hip operation and when he woke up, he cannot stop laughing.

Huug’s wife says that he spends every day laughing at everyone and everything and it all started after he had his hip replacement operation.

‘It appears that due to the operation, due to the anaesthesia, he was laughing more,’ Mr Bosse’s wife told the Dutch TV programme Man Bijt Hond while he sat next to her roaring with laughter.

The full interview can be seen in the video at the end of the show.

the laughing dutch man 3

The laughing Dutchman Huug Bosse finds almost everything hilarious… but his wife doesn’t!

Mr Bosse did enjoy a good laugh before the operation but his wife claims that his personality had significantly altered after the operation and now laughed almost all of the time.

‘Sometimes it starts to get really annoying all that laughing the whole day,’ she said. ‘When you are having a discussion and all he does is laughing, then it gets annoying.’

Mrs Bosse said that her husband hadn’t notice any difference in his behaviour but the interviewer from Man Bijt Hond struggled to get a straight answer out of him.

the laughing dutch man 2

Mrs Bosse’s says her husband now spends every day laughing at everyone and everything and it all started in 2010 when he had a hip replaced under anaesthesia .

the laughing dutch man

Mrs Bosse struggling to crack a smile while her husband sits with his friend Ernie from the muppets.

Mr Bosse’s constant laughing has put a strain on the family with his daughter and his brother deciding not to visit often.

‘They don’t visit anymore,’ Mr Bosse said before bursting into laughter.

the crying dutchmanInterestingly there is still one thing that makes Mr Bosse cry regularly despite all of his giggling and chuckling and that is the Dutch national anthem.

Man Can’t Stop Laughing After Hip Surgery

Source: Daily Mail

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