You Will Be Amazed At What People Have Made From Shipping Containers!

Are you looking for a cheap affordable first home? Or maybe you want a second home but something incredibly unique and stylish, if so you NEED to see these. Made from the humble old shipping container. You will be amazed at what homes and buildings have been created. We have two videos and 37 excellent photos to get you drooling!

Shipping containers look nothing inspirational or at all stylish when they are seen in the shipping yards like these at Clyde. You wouldn’t imagine they would make good homes.

But take a look at these!

1) Container City – London

2) An Incredible Guest House In The Garden

container home 1

container home 2

container home 3

3) An Incredible Redondo Beach Home

container home 4

container home 5

container home 6

4) Stunning New Zealand Beach Front Getaway

container home 7

container home 8

container home 9

5) Tree House Shipping Container!!

container home 10

6) Woodland Container Cottage Anyone?

container home 11

7) What Is Inside This Container Home?

container home 12

Another Traditional Home!

container home 13

8) A Hobbit Style Holiday Home With Stunning views

container home 14

9) Incredible Colourful Pad By Brazillian Architect Marcio Kogan

container home 15

container home 16

10) Complete Off Grid Eco Home Made Entirely From Recycled Materials

container home 17

11) The Kalkin House Vermont Is Great For Indoor & …

container home 18

…Outdoor Living Combined

container home 19

12) Great Snow Cabin In Quebec Consists Of 7 Containers

container home 20

13) Beautiful Container Home In Colarado

container home 21

14) Beach House In The Hamptons Called The Beach Box Made Completely From Shipping Containers

container home 22

container home 23

15) Stunning Glass House Made Around Containers

container home 24

16) Stunning Manifesto House In Chile Only Cost $118,000 To Build!

container home 25

container home 26

17) A Simple Two Story Container Home Including Shipping

container home 27

18) I Love This Two Story Container Home Hiding In The Woods

container home 28

19) Stunning Large Mansion Found In The Mojave Dessert

container home 29

20) 5 Containers Made This Stunning Light & Spacious Home

container home 30

container home 31

21) Crazy Design On A Chilean Hillside

container home 32

22) Crazy Wood Clad Forest Container Cabin

container home 33

23) Made From Recycled Materials Including Weapons Boxes Found On An Army Base In Sri Lanka Is This Stunning Holiday Home

container home 34

24) Stunning San Jose Container Home Costing Only $40,000 To Make

container home 35

With Slanted Roof To Let Heat Out And Sunlight In Comes With…

container home 36

Million Dollar Views!

container home 37

25) More Inspiring Shipping Container Homes Designs

I don’t know about you but I am desperate to go out and build my own! Let’s start an eco recycling house building revolution! 🙂

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