Would You Walk Around This Abandoned City Alone At Night? Hell Yeah I Would

This is just brilliant, but unfortunately no longer exists. I believe it was knocked down a couple of years ago.

I have always wanted to work around an abandoned city or town where nature has taken over and imagine that I am a lone survivor wandering around several years after an apocalyptic event on Earth or that I am exploring a new planet where the inhabitants have mysteriously up and gone.

I know, I have watched too many films and TV shows but these types of complex are just great for the imagination to run wild and have a little adventure. 🙂

This is or rather, was an abandoned building complex which used to stand in the Zhongzheng district of Keelung city in north-eastern Taiwan.

The residential building complex was unfinished for some unknown reason and nature slowly took over.

I found this great series of pictures taken by cock_a_doodle (Flickr name and hopefully not his/her real one) on a website while looking for interesting stuff late last night.

I do a lot of surfing looking for interesting stuff and if like me you love abandoned buildings then you are going to love the post I have planned for the future about a building or should I say a whole island in Japan.

But until then enjoy these pictures from Taiwan 🙂

taiwan abandoned buildings 1

taiwan abandoned buildings 2

taiwan abandoned buildings 3

taiwan abandoned buildings 4

taiwan abandoned buildings 5

taiwan abandoned buildings 6

taiwan abandoned buildings 7

taiwan abandoned buildings 8

taiwan abandoned buildings 9

taiwan abandoned buildings 10

taiwan abandoned buildings 11

taiwan abandoned buildings 12

A lot of money and effort has been wasted building them and it is a shame that these buildings were never finished and used even if I do find a sad beauty in them being abandoned.

Keelung City itself is far from abandoned and dead as you will see in this drone filmed video of the city. It is a huge colourful and vibrant city which I would love to visit one day.

Keelung City Taiwan

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Original Source: Deserted Places

Picture Source: cock_a_doodle/flickr.com

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